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Italy Embraces the Tres Bien Moi
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Hetalia.
You: The babble of love, flowing with the Seine River
Stranger: Ve..?
You: A transparent smile will encircle the world
You: The more you mess with time, the more you admire everyday life
You: Ah, what a beautiful panorama of Paris
Stranger: ...? C-Che cosa?
You: A picturesque town, as if drawn in a painting; spectacular and gorgeous
Stranger: France?
You: Even so, it is unnecessary; that would be me… Très Bien!
You: We will talk of beauty beautifully at the base of your hearing
You: We will fill up the world as the elegant me holds it in my arms
Stranger: -smiles- Hi France!~
You: The Arc de Triomphe rises above us, Charles de Gaulle
You: We shall controll the top at Montmartre
Stranger: -waves a bit- France...?~
You: It shall cheerfully charm you, the Moulin Rouge
Stranger: -tilts head-
You: The shape of ultimate beauty, a panorama of Paris
You: A wine glass in one hand, how romantic
:iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 3 0
Mature content
France on Omegle :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 1 0
Italy- Omegle
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hi
Stranger: why?
Stranger: i just had lasagna tonight!
Stranger: first time i ever made it!
Stranger: it turned out pretty great!
You: Realllyy~? Thats great! Pasta is yummy and so is lasagna~!
You: Im so glad that it came out great1
You: Ve~
Stranger: thanks
You: You are welcome~ You're a very nice person. Germany would love to have you over for dinner!
You: Then later we can all have some 'fun' together!
Stranger: I'm in Germany
You: Germany said that more than 2 is always better~
You: Isn't he wnoder in bed~?
Stranger: yes.
You: VEE~
Stranger: idk. Never been in bed with him yet.
You: Oh really? You should~! It is
:iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 2 0
Russia and England- Omegle
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hi
You: Become one with Russia, da?
Stranger: ha/
You: is that all you can say you fucking retard!!!? I said to become one with Russia!!!
You: Answer me!
You: say anything and i wont give a shit
Stranger: tumblr?
You: Only if you become one with Russia.
Stranger: I shall accept your offer
You: Yay! Have some vodka!
Stranger: im underaged :O
Stranger: But I am now one with Russia, so who cares :D
You: when you become one with Russia you must celebrate with vodka even if you are underage!!
Stranger: ah, ok.
Stranger: *DOWNS IT ALL*
Stranger: :)
You: at least you are not like England who get's drunk and starts yelling at America!!!
Stranger: i live in london :O
You: Move Aside Russia!!! I am England have you seen that bloody g
:iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 26 4
Thriller Pumpkins by JamesLehane Thriller Pumpkins :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 0 4 Ferb Pre-Pumpkin Sketch by JamesLehane Ferb Pre-Pumpkin Sketch :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 0 0 Phineas Pre-Pumpkin Sketch by JamesLehane Phineas Pre-Pumpkin Sketch :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 0 0 Phineas and Ferb Pumpkins by JamesLehane Phineas and Ferb Pumpkins :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 345 38 Ferb Pumpkin by JamesLehane Ferb Pumpkin :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 9 5 Phineas Pumpkin by JamesLehane Phineas Pumpkin :iconjameslehane:JamesLehane 15 4

Random Favourites

FemFrance by LEA-Ren-sama FemFrance :iconlea-ren-sama:LEA-Ren-sama 53 8 France Slumber Party by Amano-Hoshi France Slumber Party :iconamano-hoshi:Amano-Hoshi 34 5 APH: USUCK by Perry-noid APH: USUCK :iconperry-noid:Perry-noid 13 0 Sleep. by PoisonousScones Sleep. :iconpoisonousscones:PoisonousScones 140 15 isabel by limoncello6 isabel :iconlimoncello6:limoncello6 26 2 Walking on sunshine by tobs92 Walking on sunshine :icontobs92:tobs92 157 29 APH - Beautiful Canada by Xaylu APH - Beautiful Canada :iconxaylu:Xaylu 108 22 USUK - Crossdressing by burntnoodles USUK - Crossdressing :iconburntnoodles:burntnoodles 286 20 nyotalia USUK by Akane-Hoshiyo nyotalia USUK :iconakane-hoshiyo:Akane-Hoshiyo 135 22 APH- Dysfunctional family ahoy by Clicio APH- Dysfunctional family ahoy :iconclicio:Clicio 2,664 451
HetaOni Chaos
Japan took a sip from his tea. He winced at the heat, realizing that he should've let it sit for a bit longer. He closed his eyes and breathed in, thankful to be back in his house alone. He felt like he'd been away from home for way to long…surrounded by noisy boisterous western nations and petty arguments.
The worst part is that he can never voice his opinions during world conferences because America always rattled off about nonsense that Japan felt pressured to agree to; France and England were always at each other's throats; Russia just sat there with that eerie smile on his face as he looked at China; Italy talked about nothing but pasta, girls, and siestas; and, Germany always ended up losing his temper and yelling at the top of his lungs.
The atmosphere was stuffy there, to constricted for Japan to handle. Here, he could breathe in and revel in the silence.
Just as he was about to take another sip from his tea, his phone rang, earsplitting and shrill. Japan let out a tiny br
:iconmeridiannightfall:MeridianNightfall 46 28
HetaCaliga Part I
Germany opened his eyes and he was nearly blinded by the light. He squinted and clenched his teeth, flinching. He quickly jerked his head away and cursed under his breath. His head pounded and he saw swirling colors when he closed his eyes once again.
What the hell happened?
His memory was hazy. He felt as if someone had hit him over the head with a huge steel bat. He shook his head slightly and opened his eyes again, slowly. His vision was hazy at first, but it gradually grew clearer with each passing second. The first thing he saw were the bright colors of a rose window.
The huge window glittered majestically against the stone wall as the sunlight filtered through it, the light disorienting and intriguing all at once. Germany's eyes widened as he immediately sat up. With shock, he realized that he was surrounded by thick maroon blankets and white sheets. His eyes wandered around the scene.
The room had had ancient looking stone walls that arched high up form a massive domed ceiling.
:iconmeridiannightfall:MeridianNightfall 37 10
Artemis Fowl: LEPrecon Holly by VandorWolf Artemis Fowl: LEPrecon Holly :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 564 129 Artemis Fowl: Hunting Holly by VandorWolf Artemis Fowl: Hunting Holly :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,115 290


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Hetalia.

You: হ্যালো!

Stranger: Hello there!

Stranger: Huh..? *confused* T^T

You: Аз съм Сийланд!

Stranger: Well.. Im the great sealand! Nice to meet you too!

You: I'm Sealand!

You: Imposter!

Stranger: N-no!!

You: Yes! You are!

Stranger: You just spoke gibberish! How can you be me?!

Stranger: Unless I have an evil twin!

Stranger: Are you my evil twin!?

You: I was playing with Google Translate!

You: I'm not!

You: Maybe you are!

Stranger: Nuh uh!! You're a liar!

You: I am not!

You: You are!

You: You're trying to steal my identity!

Stranger: You're just a big Billy tryna mess with me! It's not working jerk!

Stranger: Bully!

You: I'm not a bully!

You: You're a bully!

You: and a jerk!

Stranger: No!! *tears up* you are!

You: ...Don't cry, other me!

Stranger: Well you're saying I'm not me! *sniffle*

You: Because you can't be me. I'm me!

You: Maybe you're from another world!

Stranger: But you can't be me! Are we trapped in two alternate universes? Is that it? Is Arthur a jerk in yours too?!

You: I think Arthur would be a jerk no matter what.

Stranger: You're right..

Stranger: I don't know how to settle this.!

You: Are you a country in your universe?

Stranger: I'm a country in every universe!

You: Of course!

You: I was recognized by three nations!

Stranger: Who? For me: berwald, Tino, and surprisingly Switzerland after I bugged him.. Now you! 4!

You: Hungary, Russia, and Italy

You: Although Russia didn't know what he was doing and Italy wanted a kiss in return

Stranger: I made my nations to sign a petition! A legal document!!!

You: Hungary and Russia signed a document for my birthday!

Stranger: *hi5!!*

You: *hi5!!*

You: Maybe we could work together

You: We could force the world to recognize us!



Stranger: We think alike! I was thinking the same thing! Lets make everyone sign a document!!! ((I'm not joking you're seriously reading my mind .-.))


You: England will be our servant.

You: He will use his eyebrows to police our shoes!

You: ((This is so wierd...))

You: Hello?

You: Other me?

Stranger: ((sorry! Afk for that moment))

Stranger: that's a great idea other Peter! *grins* then we can get uncle alfred to call US Heros!!

You: Yes!

You: I'm already allies with Canada, Hungary, Prussia, and Austria.

You: Maybe they could help us.

You: Although we would be supreme rulers, of course.

Stranger: And don't forget some of the Nordics!

You: Of course!


Stranger: just because we obviously rule the Sea and can do that!


You: That would be the ultimate punishment!

You: ((Do you have a DA?)

Stranger: And his Nasty shepherd's pie!

Stranger: Yes!!

Stranger: ((dont go on much, but grrrecia ^^))

You: ((I'm JamesLehane.))

You: Who will be trouble to take over?

You: Obviously England

Stranger: I can lock him in a closet.. Or switch around his potions so he can pass out or something!

Stranger: From all the fumes!!

You: He passes out, then we lock him in the closet!

Stranger: Yes! Then well lock all the others in a closet! And let em out if and only if they sign the document to not only recognize us but to be submissive towards us!

You: I like the way you think, me!

You: ((BTW, where are you from?))

Stranger: ((I'm from california T^T please don't say lucky! Le weather sucks really, bipolar! Sometimes it's 90 degrees and then it's raining the next day! I want to be in New England T^T))

Stranger: thank you, me! *semi evil laugh*

You: We have to capture Liechtenstein. She hates me.

You: She calls me a brat!

Stranger: Her brother gave me a place to live once when England kicked me out, he made her make me pajamas! I don't think she liked me much because they were pink!

You: I say she's evil, but no one believes me!

Stranger: You know who's really mean to me? China! He yells at me..

You: ((I'm from California too! I've been gone the last week. I hear it rained.))

Stranger: ((it did! Are you norcal or socal?? You're HELLA lucky if norcal! ^^))

You: China's old and cranky.

Stranger: ((this is weird are we soulmates lol? XD))

You: ((socal))

You: ((Nice use of hella.))

You: ((I think you're me.))

Stranger: ((socal too?? Omg this is destiny))

You: ((Long lost twins!))

Stranger: ((if you're Hispanic then yes))

You: ((Half))

Stranger: ((lol ok! Not full twins! Close enough))

You: ((What city?))

Stranger: ((location censured))

You: ((location censured))


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